Next Level Education

SGP's rigor academics has created a scholar in my child. Couldn't imagine him attending a different school.
STARS Global Preparatory
SGP’s rigor academics has created a scholar in my child. Couldn’t imagine him attending a different school.

Much needed School!

A school of this kind is needed in our community to ignite in our children curiosity and innovative thinking.
STARS Global Preparatory
A school of this kind is needed in our community to ignite in our children curiosity and innovative thinking.
STARS Global Preparatory

The STARS Network of Schools has created a community of driven educators and parents that strive for excellence in our school environment.  Our schools are tailored to each student’s needs and are up to date with the latest educational changes and advances.

Why choose us?

The vision of STARS Global Preparatory ("STARS Global") is to prepare all graduates academically and personally to lead and serve with people from different backgrounds and learning styles.

STARS Global proactive effort to help students understand, care about, and act upon basic values that we all share. To this end, the school has created an extended instructional day to facilitate an hour of community building as part of the Service-Learning Model per day for all students that incorporate both character development and service-learning in an effort to product the next generation of leaders and professionals.

STARS Global's unique approach consists of intentionally embedding service-learning as the bedrock of our instructional practice fostering a culture of community service and civic engagement. While a number of schools offer character development programs as instructional supplements, no other school in our service area has deliberately infused this practice as part of its curriculum or has taken the necessary steps of stepping this philosophy into the school culture.

STARS Global will create a mindset of community engagement in children early on as they learn to collaborate with others and embrace diverse cultures and styles, arming students for high school and the career world.​

STARS Global will be a learning environment for children from pre-kindergarten through grade eight. The environment will encompass different ways of learning; nurtures curious, socially engaged and independent young people; enhances the self-esteem of students; and builds their capacity for empathy, philanthropy, and civic awareness​

At STARS Global we are serious about helping young people change the world. Our vision is to unleash the creative and intellectual potential of young people to help solve the world's toughest problems. We recognize the need to develop creators, thinkers, and innovators in the next generation of learners and put real-world problems at the center of our curriculum. We are making a radical paradigm shift from preparing learners for a career 10 years from now to making a difference in the world, right here, right now!​