Drexel Fellowship Fund Endorsement

Mrs. Eglee Nunez-Sancristobal, founder of the nonprofit S.T.A.R.S. Autism School, has been selected as a 2019 Drexel Fund Fellow and will be the recipient of a school Start-Up endorsement worth over $100,000.

Established in 2015, The Drexel Fund is a venture philanthropy fund. In such, the fund seeks visionary founders interested in gaining access to support and resources needed to take an inspired dream to an actual reality. These resources, to create new, sustainable, replicable high- performing private schools that can provide transformational outcomes for all students and families, especially families of limited means and educational access.

The Drexel Fund Fellowship will support the vision of STARS Global Preparatory (“STARS Global”) which is to prepare all graduates academically and personally, to lead and serve with people from different backgrounds and learning styles. The mission of STARS Global is to prepare students for high school, through excellent teaching and community engagement. STARS Global will inspire and connect the next generation of leaders, to their community, through yearly service-learning class projects.

“I am honored that our school community has been recognized as one of innovation and promise by the Drexel Fund,” says Eglee Nunez-Sancristobal. “We are excited to promote strong communication skills, a global perspective, and an appreciation for diversity in order to prepare students for college, career and civic readiness in the 21st century.”